In stock fabrics

New Stock's philosophy combines the art of weaving, which is deeply rooted in the Prato traditions, with a young and dynamic company's desire to innovate.

Every day we look forward to the future with the enthusiasm that characterises our passion for this traditional activity, without the fear of facing up to the new challenges that are demanded from an extremely competitive sector that is constantly undergoing changes.

To put our principles into practice and ensure the highest possible standards for our customers, we start by focussing our attention on the wholesale phase of stock fabrics, according to strict quality criteria which, over the years, have allowed us steady growth and enabled us to ensure customer satisfaction.

The stock fabrics that we offer are strictly controlled and carefully selected, so as to offer the customer a better service thanks to the quality of the raw materials, but also thanks to the availability of an increasingly varied range.

At New Stock, there are stock clothing fabrics available both in rolls, and as remnants. They all have the ability to meet the customers' diverse needs, in Italy and abroad: from the the classic Scottish fabric to complete trendy outfits, all our materials offer excellent quality and value for money.

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